Monday, May 25, 2009

Your Input: Audit = Money Well Spent? or Money Wasted?

This Saturday, at the community breakfast, the audit took up a large portion of our discussion. Not to mention all the attention it's been getting in the local media. As I have mentioned before, I believe the audit was well worth the money and am relieved everything is out in the open. Now, as a community, we can move forward. Also, I believe the staff has done a good job in working toward making sure the problems revealed in the audit do not continue, as was mentioned by Susan Montee.

In light of audit discussions at this Saturday's community breakfast and today's News-Leader's editorial (found here), I would like to pose the question to you, the citizen: Was the audit money well spent or money wasted?

Is there anything the city could do to show you that Ozark has changed course and is moving in the right direction?


  1. Melissa. It was good to see you at the county celebration today. As for your question I think the Audit was well worth the money spent. However the hard part is for the council now to take that information and make Changes that will show the citizens of your intent to be leaders. Already the comments of our mayor have led my self and others to not have much hope that real change will take place.

  2. Jay, thank you for your comment, and it was good to see you as well. I wish the weather would have been more favorable. I believe that many have your same concerns. The city created a response to the audit that laid out a plan to alleviate many of the issues. Susan Montee explained that she was impressed with the effort the city has made to correct the problems, and I believe her. That does not, however, mean that the audit was for not. Just because the problems are being fixed does not mean the problems weren't a big deal. I'm not sure why some felt that playing down the situation was the right way to approach it. I would like to say, that even though it was played down to the media, I do think it's being taken seriously, and changes have been made.

  3. just an observation. the first time i found a notion to post here, i found it would have been just as simple to start my own blogg. perhaps you could afford some directions to those who are not quite as computer savvy as yourself? :)

  4. Great point Luke. I will put a post up on how to comment. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.