Sunday, April 18, 2010

IMPORTANT: April 19th Council Meeting - CID/TDD Tax Notification


Tomorrow's meeting will be of great importance and if you can make it I would encourage you do so.  I do not have the agenda and packet in e-form, but here is a general break down of the issues and why they are important:

CID Sales Tax Notification

Unless it gets tabled for a second time, the bill I've sponsored to create mandatory tax rate notification will go on its first reading.  This bill will require that businesses located within TDDs and CIDs disclose their special tax rates on their doors or registers.  This will ensure consumers and citizens know what they are being taxed and why. 

Scrivener Oil CID Creation Bill

This bill, if passed, will create a CID on the corner of CC and 17th St.  The CID will support a  gas station and allow the owner to impose an extra 1 cent sales tax upon all taxable goods.  The owner would be able to use the extra tax collected on certain improvements to the property.  I did not support this bill the first time it was introduced, and I do not support it now.  I feel it will create a unfair competitive advantage that will increase our taxes and be detrimental to the two existing gas stations located within walking distance of the this lot. 

Property Rights vs. Protection of Property Values

There is a  public hearings on the agenda for a bill that will place restrictions on property owners for the purpose of making residential properties more aesthetically pleasing.  This bill is not in its final version yet, but it is imperative that the public come and give their input before the final draft is complete.  This public hearing is that opportunity.  Specifically, this bill will place restrictions on what types of vehicles you can park on your property, where/how you can park them, and how many of them you can park.  Its focus is on commercial vehicles (from cars with commercial decals to dump trucks) and recreational vehicles such as boats and RVs.  

Please come out to the meeting if you can. 

Thanks and Have a Great Day!!

Melissa Wagner

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