Sunday, April 5, 2009

One candidate steps down, and another one stands up.

I just wanted to take a moment and express my disappointment in the City of Springfield's move to force Al Valdivia to drop out of the Ward 1 Alderman's race.  Apparently there is some sort of conflict of interest with Al's current job at the ice park and sitting on the board of alderman should he win the election.  I'm not really sure where the conflict lies.  Regardless, I am sorry to see Al have to do this.  I think he was a great candidate, and I think he would have made a good alderman.  

On a second note, congratulations to another Ward 1 candidate, Linda Burdette, for sticking up for herself in the News-leader.  Linda, along with quite a few other candidates, was personally attacked a couple of weeks ago in the CC Headliner by Mark Spinabella.  Mark, including others, have questioned Linda's motivations for running for alderman due to her recent settlement from the city over un-payed wages.  In an attempt to clear her name, Linda told her story to the News-Leader and they published it.  Whether or not you agree with Linda's politics or her motivations for running,  it takes courage to stand up to a 20 year veteran of the city council.  If she uses this same show of courage in office, I bet she will make a good alderman.  

Since I have taken time to speak of two of the three candidates in Ward 1, I should probably say something about Chis Snyder.  My mention of the other two candidates is in no way a slight to Chris.  I think he is a genuinely nice guy.  He is knowledgeable and has some experience having served as the president of the Chamber.  Plus he is an Ozark Native who is active with the school system and the city's Economic Development Board.  It is obvious that he cares very much for this city.  He too would make a good alderman.  

I think the citizens in Ward 1 have a great problem.  Any three of these folks would make good alderman and I would be thrilled to serve with any of them.

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